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What Is A Framing Nail Gun and How To Use It

What is a framing nail gun and how to use it

What is a framing nailer?

Whenever you need to handle big projects around your home such as building a fence, an ancient tool such as a hammer will take you the eternity to complete the task, with more than a few sores on your hands.

With a framing nail gun, you can achieve your nailing goals with minimal effort and a few skills. Framing nail guns are nail driving tools that ease the work of driving multiple nails.

A framing nailer can be driven by the force of compressed air, a fuel such as gas, a source of power such as a battery, or electricity, just to mention a few. So, how do you use a framing gun? Below are the guidelines.


How to use a framing nailer

  • Hold the nail gun tip firmly against the wood or other material you are working on.


  • The nail gun barrel and nail tip should be facing the direction of nail firing.


  • Press the framing nailer onto the work material to depress the nail tip.


  • Pull the trigger to fire the nail into the material. in case you are using a knock fire trigger, pull and hold down the trigger and knock the tip of the nail into the material. This method is faster.


  • For a single fire trigger, press the nail tip on the material and pull the trigger for every terminated nail. This method is more precise.

In case of a nail head jams, you will have to open the head of the nailer and get rid of the nails.  There are framing guns that specifically prevent jamming and acquiring one such as the Hitachi NR90AES1 which drives a considerable number of nails without jamming.


Safety measures to consider when using a framing nail gun

Many users of framing nailers have been badly hurt as a result of nailing gun accidents. Many have sustained serious hand, leg, and other body part injuries.

All nails guns are a safety threat to the user because using a nail gun is akin to using a real gun. It is vital to be extremely cautious when handling a nail gun. Basic precautions you must take include:


  • Be armed with proper knowledge in terms of training on the yes and no’s of nail gun use.


  • Make use of your manual, by carefully reading and following without fail all the safety rules outlined.


  • Ensure the features of safety on the device are always active. Check on this before and regularly when you are in the process of using a nail gun.


  • Anyone, even a colleague should not be near you when you are using the nail gun as nail gun accidents also happen to those standing by. Advise children and idlers to stay far away.


  • Never point the tool at any living thing or up in any direction, even if it is not in working condition and never assume it is empty. Pointing it downwards is always safer.


  • Keep all the parts of your body against the direction in which you fire, and do not put your hands on the nail tip.


  • Put on your protective gear all the time even if the task at hand will run for a short time. This includes head, hand, and eye gear.


  • Check how you carry the framing nail gun. Avoid ways in which you could inadvertently pull the trigger or carrying it by the nail gun tip where you could mistakenly nail your hands.


  • Disconnect the tool whenever you are done with it and store it safely away from children especially.


  • Press the tool nailing device well against the work material to avoid a situation where a nail would jerk and cause an accident.


  • Resist the urge to remove nailer’s nail tip in an attempt to nail at a higher speed. Your safety should precede any other urgency you may have.


  • Whatever you do, never touch the area on or near the nail tip and definitely do not use the nail gun if you are unsure of a certain step to follow. Seek direction or let someone else do the nailing.


Using a framing nail gun requires adequate skills and exceptional care, so be sure to read your framing nail gun manual for all the specific tips you need to operate your framing nail gun.

Religiously follow the entire list of safety rules in order to have a safe time as you do your nailing and protect your neighbors and everyone around you from sometimes irreversible injuries.

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