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Tips To Buy a Good Piano

Tips To Buy a Good Piano

Very few among the music instruments have the privilege of being a status symbol like a piano. Passion for that regal music that emanates from the great instrument is the first reason why one wants to possess a piano.

If one wants to squeeze his/her heart out through the piano and give a professional outlet to the creative intelligence it is better to do a bit of research before making a deal.

Tips To Buy a Good Piano

Available space, acoustics of the room, knowledge of brands (Steinway, Mason & Hamlin, Baldwin etc.), the investment one is ready to make, the outcome expected are some of the areas of consideration basic knowledge of the structure of a piano are the areas of consideration.

The Feel of a ‘Good Piano’:

A person who is familiar with piano music, who is a professional player, who has played on different pianos, would immediately be able to tell at least for himself/herself how it feels to play on a given piano. The feel includes the touch, the tone, the pedal’s conditions and not the least the furnishing and looks.

If one intends to buy a new piano there is nothing much to worry about if the piano is from a trusted brand. Established and reputed brands do make it sure that the quality of the product is thoroughly checked before placing it in a retailer showroom for sale. All that is needed is to play and see how it feels.

Buy a Good Piano

It is better to walk in into a sales room that has a large collection from which one can pick and choose. Procure the warranty papers and manuals to learn more about the product, moving and caring of the piano. If the question is of buying a used piano, then it is better to do a thorough checking before purchasing it. It is important to observe for rattling and buzzing from the instrument.

Play all the notes and check the condition of the strings. If tuning is the problem, then do it after moving it to the intended location as moving affects the tuning.

What to look for:

Have a look at the tuning pin blocks and see if they are holding the strings in the right tension so as to produce resonating sound. Look for cracks on the wooden case and furnishing and fix the price accordingly. See to that the hammer does not have deep grooves and the layers of felt are not worn out.

If one is not sure of these technical matters, it is advisable to look for a registered piano technician whose advice would save future expenses.

Buying cheep stuff will become more expensive in the long run. A higher quality piano is a good and worthwhile lifetime investment. The price of a new piano ranges anywhere from $2000 for starter upright piano to over $80 000 for a Steinway concert grand piano.

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