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Consensus among researchers, child care experts and working parents have less than for the child care arrangements for working parents.

This problem even for single parents who no spouse to take care of children in emergency situations worse.

Child care problems can be detrimental to the employer.

Is less productive employees, they are dealing with child health issues.

They use a lot of time to make the company a possible child care provider or check on a sick child for further investigation.

child care

Child health problems can also cause a person is slow, and even missed a few days work.

The results show that adopted working parents get sick every 3 days and because the disease will cause the child to stay home from school.

If you work with your child because your child care arrangement did not work, then you may want to divide your attention between work and children.

Your colleagues can also find your child distracted.

In addition, child care problems may lead to business loss of valuable employees, because children might be too expensive and too cumbersome.

For these reasons, enterprises should develop an appropriate child care arrangements for their employees.

This will increase employee productivity, help retain employees.

Otherwise would go to another company with the right child care arrangements, and help recruit potential employees.

Enterprises will find that these child care arrangements will save more money than any other employee benefits.

child health programs are also not expensive, because they are tax-free enterprise.

There are several child care assistance program, including on-site facilities, the consortium businesses, pay plan, repayment plan and external referral agencies.

In all of the available options, employees will be the most favorite site child care facilities, because it will allow employees lunch break to visit their children, they can not avoid the drop off and pick up their children in off-site facilities for complications.

On-site child-care facilities can also be used to attract potential employees.

However, this is also the most expensive choice of child care services.

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This is why you will not see this type of facility types in smaller companies with limited resources.

It requires a lot of upfront costs. Some states have this needs some qualification, the former child care facilities, workers can be hired to meet.

This may require you to hire new staff in the facility.

The business may also need to pay utilities and liability insurance more money. However, the cost of childcare facilities on site can be deducted from your taxes.

A consortium is a very popular child care assistance for small businesses with limited assets choose.

A consortium of several, combined their resources to pay for off-site child care facilities, small businesses.

Every business needs to pay only one open, they give employees a certain number.

If there is any unused vacancies, they can provide to the people whose business is not part of the consortium.



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