About Me

Hi, I am Sam Corcos and I joined this blog to defend the liberal arts at Claremont McKenna College. I believe we are here to study the good, the noble, the beautiful, the just, and the true. And to be honest,

I just enjoy attacking the silly ideas advanced by the administration, certain professors, my fellow students, and campus publications. My conservatism is informed by classical political philosophy and the principles of the American Founding. But that said, I have much to learn. I am a junior majoring in government.

My focus is political philosophy, which I plan to pursue further in a Ph.D. program after I graduate. I work as an editorial assistant at the Claremont Review of Books and as a Harrison Fellow and research assistant at the Salvatori Center for the Study of Individual Freedom in the Modern World.

I have also served as the editor of the P.I.C.K online. The views I express on this blog are my own.