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5 Easy Steps to Planning a Wedding

wedding and planning

Wedding is an official celebration of love and commitment. The wedding and planning for it should be fun and joyous but for many people it can be a nerve wrecking experience. Here are the key steps to planning a wedding that should help you stay organize and keep things under control.

Wedding And Planning

1. Working out your Budget

Make this your priority as it not only serves as a guideline for your expenses but with proper budget planning you will be amazed how far you can stretch your dollars. Be realistic when working on your budget. Ask yourself if you really need to spend all that dollars and spend the next few years paying them back. Initially, make a priority list and create an estimated figure to spend for each item on the list. Refine it as you begin on executing each step. Only after budget is set work on the number of people to invite.

2. Creating a time worksheet

Having a time schedule is another vitally important component because it helps you to set deadlines and ensures no part of the planning is missed out.
Invest some time on this and think through thoroughly. Apart from your partner get an experienced friend to help you with this. The more the people you involve, the better are your chances of getting things down on your list.

3. Make your bookings or reservations.

Once you have worked out the time worksheet, this should be your priority. The sooner you get this worked out the better, as most often wedding venues have a long wait list.
If you want to use a wedding planner, now is the time to contact them and also your caterers, photographers etc.

Easy Steps to Planning a Wedding
4. Crossing your budget limits

In most cases budgetary limits are blown out of proportions when you start recruiting professionals for products and services. Remember to balance the costs do not spend too much for one and attempt to save too much on the other.
For example spending far too much on exquisite floral decorations and have too little to spend on a good caterer is just not good value for your money.

5. Do not leave making confirmations till the last moment.

Call up at least a week or two in advance and confirm with everyone involved in the planning to ensure that they are ready for the big day and have all the necessary information.

Executing all the steps to planning a wedding successfully takes time therefore be prepared and give yourself generous time, so that you have fun planning your wedding.

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